hello 2010, thank you 2009

this is my first post on 2010.
hello, another year.

but i can't stop looking back on 2009,
which for me has been a very weird, tiring, but magical year.

2009 is my year of 

i was having the best year of new music experience
i'm no longer a single, now i'm an album

the hurts, the laughter, desperation, positive minds
all the turning points of who i was before

feeling understanding and decreasing selfishness
i grew up, i grew stronger, i grew wiser

falling and getting up
i was down, and up, and drown, and lifted and trying so hard everytime
there will always a hole to fall to,
but there will always a rope to climb to.

serendipity and coincidence
i haven't found out what's behind all those serendipities
and also coincidences
i guess it's my next task

walrus & diamonds
all the beauties, the paradise, and every drama in between
still, 'us' won't be easy.
let me just let it roll.

2009 is my year of magic
that however i hate some memories of the 'em
i have no regrets.

i have never been this thankful before.
of everything, good or bad.
to be better, or worse.
i thank You, life.

without any resolutions
i welcome you, 2010.
xoxo, M

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