heart shaped once again

i need to find another heart-shaped cloud

maybe that means it's you.



share some sparks
shed some lights

even when the planet dies,
even when the world cracks,
even when the lies still in between.

shine still please
at least for us to keep our mind sane
after a well farewell.

safe places

these kind of places
can take my mind further than it should be

i'm safe to be alone out there
with the gloomy city skyline view
i'm safe to be alone up there
with the foggy neighborhood view
or when i feel it's not safe everywhere else
i know i can always crumble myself up inside my bedroom

and i know everything will be fine

xoxo, M

furry ball

what makes you smile again in your hardest time?

me, these 'super fury animal'

called: cat

what's your favorite calm-maker-animal?

xoxo, M


idea of living

i remember how to live

and remember what kind of house i wanna live in

a beautiful picture-on-frame mosaic for the foyer

a humble dining table with some cut-out artworks
for the dining room

a cozy divan with bohemian-colored pillows and dreamy backdrop

a reading corner over the old-framed window

a white and wooden aisle

and a white & blue and a bit old fashioned
with an attic :)

and the most of it,
they're all gonna be in 'the house by the bay"

what's your idea of living?

xoxo, M

choose one everyday

you will always have to choose.

what will you choose for your way to go to wherever you're heading to:

1. a jammed road, 
but you get to see a beautiful scenery
for 5 minutes.

2. a faster road,
but all you can see are cars and trucks
all along your way?

i chose the first one.
silly me :)


xoxo, M


hey walrus

this is the least i can do
to make it easier on you

i won't wait for you

at the end if you need me,
you know how to find me

i've fought for you & made my sacrifices for you
this is my biggest sacrifice for the last time.

for you.

take your time to heal
and please forgive yourself.

finish line

finally, we've come to the finish line.

i can't see you like this
i can't see myself like this

i can't hang in a thread that i can't even see
how delicate it is, how strong it is

i guess,
getting out of your life is something wise to do



i understand how you feel
you understand how i feel

you spoke the words i feel

but how we can resolve this,
it's still a mystery.


half life

My self-worth measured in text back tempo
It's been two days and 8 minutes too slow
Well there may well be others but I still like to pretend
That I'm the one you really want to grow old with
Got a schedule to stick to, got a world to keep sweet
You're so much to everyone all the time
Will you ever slow down? Will I ever come first?
The universe contracts to sigh
It's a half life
With you as my quarterback
A daft life

a heart-broken song
Imogen Heap's Half Life

mixtape me

i'm a kind of "mixtape" person, always be,
which instead of telling people about me,
i would rather give em mixtape(s)

a little visual mixtape so you know me better:

01. Copeland - Careful Now (Accoustic Version)
album: Dressed Up & In Line
02. Mew - Snow Brigade
album: Frengers
03. Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains
album: Garbage
04. Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody
album: Only By Night
05. Imogen Heap - Just For Now
album: Speak For Yourself
06. Lykke Li - Possibility
album: the Twilight Saga New Moon Soundtrack
07. Phoenix - Rome
album: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
08. The Postal Service - Sleeping In
album: Give Up
09. Coldplay - Sparks
album: Parachutes
10. Radiohead - No Surprise
album: OK Computer
11. Trespassers William - Vapour Trail
album: Different Stars

that's my current position
xoxo, M


what am i thinkin?

can you really tell
what am i thinkin in this pic?


she was the person who knew anything about him
she knows nothing.

she's me.