it's not a goodbye.i'll see you soon.

i don't wanna go actually i don't wanna go

but i need to spread my wings and fly higher

this is home.
here will always be my home
no matter how far i go.



quite similar.souls

we have things we want to forget
we have things we hide
we have things we regret
we have things that we wish we could change

looking back and forth
we're having quite similar souls.

let's do compromise,
i'll take yours and you'll take mine
i'll understand yours and you'll understand mine

so we can live normally altogether.




well it is sucks.
but however it's needed.

i know how it feels like.
and i'm still doing it.

you? ready to learn another lesson?



we are.just alike

we are just alike.
we both lied. we both made mistakes.
nothing more than understanding,
cause i did what you did, and i admit what you admit.
nothing more that i want, other than understanding
we are just alike.

we're human.
let's just learn to be better.



if something goes so normal,
there must be something really wrong.

look closer.

i know i shouldn't think like that.
have you ever think like that?



"if you can't trust your partner, 
then why do you have to hold on to the relationship?"
a wise man once said.

trust issue is quite frustrating.




people that you think they're your friends,

are better to be kept as acquaintances.
that's all.

i'm free from those unnecessary chit-chats.
that's good.

so long 'friends' .



been normal.

been 'normal' these past few days.
that's precious.

anyhows, it's not about the schedule that i stuck to,
but the quality i had in every moment.

let's just say, it's 'normal'



the best.worst couple.

you're a sarcastic, i'm a cynic.
we can be the best worst couple.

i used to wrote it as:
"you are cynical. i am skeptical.
i guess we can make the best worst couple."

i modified a bit.




i actually need you to be there and take a good care of me

should i say that out loud?
or, should i just wait for you being a little sensitive?

i don't need more than your time and caressing touch.
too much, ey?


house of.jealous lover

i'm still a jealous little woman.



i'm afraid --

-- the memories of you will fade.

as time goes. and love grows.

black and white pictures come to fade.


what's matter.

because sometimes
what's matter for me doesn't matter for you
vice versa.




conversation.sometimes fail

you need to take a peek or two
conversation sometimes fail



what if, i get tired of waiting,
and you move a little too slow?



look out.it rings


keeping myself.quiet

i'm not gonna say it unless you say it first


everything.mean something

everything happened for something-something reason.

all the serendipities i've been through meant a lot.

agreed with the A-team statements:
"as random as it may seem, everything have plans on it."


it was.you

thank you,
to keep on watching from afar

i'll say 'Bismillah'
because if it's right, it's right.



girls date.

something called 'sex and the city'
is a movie not made for men i suppose.
but for me,
those series of sex and the city is a 'booked agenda' for me and my bestfriends.

another girls-date and lesser besties, done.
i gave the movie a "B".



i love.being alone

turns out i love being alone

no one's around


when i feel like me.

i will never be cute.

this is how i roll,

i'm just a geek
with some folk life.


my heart.sings

4 A.M. this hotel room and I think of you
Not in anger, but in danger of calling you 
My mind's a long, long way from it was dead 
And now the good times just keep drifting back in.
My heart sings when I think of you
That is what you do 
A melody that will settle me
That is just the thought of you 
My heart sings and it's time you knew
-- [my heart sings].311

my heart.sings



sail.your boat.to home.

it's not the wind that made you powerless
you are the one who's having the oar.

so, row the boat,
sail the boat to you desired destination,
sail your boat to home.

you are not powerless.
you just have to row against the wind,
if you want to.


give the day.a chance to start.

I know it doesn't seem that way
But maybe it's the perfect day
Even though the bills are piling
And maybe Lady Luck ain't smiling

So don't lose faith
Give the world a chance to say...
A word or two, my friend
There's no telling how the day might end
And we'll never know until we see
That there's gold in them hills
There's gold in them hills
So don't lose heart
Give the day a chance to start

- gold in them hills.[ron sexsmith ft. chris martin]

start the new day.
make promises and plans come true.
good day to you, fire-eaters!



forget and remember.home

once in a while,
i remember how "home" feels like.

it's when we can tell about our dailies.

it's when we laugh about the same thing.

it's when we play around.

it's when we can tell about the ideas we have in our minds.

it's when we cuddle.

it's when we talked so much about everything you and i love.

once in a while i remember.
then i'll forget.
but don't worry, i'll remember again.