500 coincidences

there's only two kinds of human,

there's a man and a woman.

it's all about coincidence.
nothing more like coincidence.

i agree,
taken from (500) Days Of Summer.
320 days, or 1825 days, it doesn't matter.

i'm about to be summer.


don't wanna wait!

a guy who keeps a lady waiting

i hate to wait for anything.
i feel like i've been waiting all this time.



find me

lately we have been too busy to squeeze time
:' |

all i can do is just leaving bread's crumbs on my path
so you can find me

you have been missed
xoxo, M



i thought my saturdays without bf would be such a bummer

turns out no!
i'm having a super good time last night
with my bestfriends
(and an unexpected bumped-ins)

i would gladly spend another 3 weekends with them again
xoxo, M


traffic F jam

have i ever mention that

yes, i'm living in Jakarta
everyday is the traffic jam day

but today is the special-traffic-jam-day
it's friday, it's raining, it's flooding
and i'm stuck at the office

thank God i have my laptop and colleagues here
cheers guys!
xoxo, M


radio DJ

i am a radio DJ

and i watched The Boat That Rocked
and i amaze

it's a story aboout radio DJs, to be exact, pirate radio DJs.
why they call theirselves  'pirate' radio DJs?
coz they're broadcasting from the sea, and illegally i suppose
(but then i think, back in the 60s, they still don't have the radio wave regulation)
something like that.

angus & simon
the regular DJs

the IT DJs
the count and gavin, the retire DJ that has been hijacked

dr. dave and midnight mark
the two who are driving women nuts

quentin, the boss, and felicity, the lesbian cooker
with the rule: no ladies on board, except lesbians (on weekdays)

marianne, quentin's niece, once slept with dave, she's a fan
and then she's being carl's (the boat's newbie) lover

they live together in a super-boat-titanic-look-like
- not that fancy tho -
all the DJs, operator, owner / program director, and the cookery

as a radio DJ i wanna live like them
they said, as those years passed when they're off the shore,
those were the best days in their lives
when the rules about to be set, which make them breaking laws
they stand together, and keep on broadcasting!

and even when the ship is about to sink!
they keep broadcasting as long as they can!

that's the studio! with all the old type two deck mixers

how i admire the passion for rock and roll

thank you, the Boat That Rocked
you remind me once again about passion
xoxo, M


left right left right left

a dearly friend of mine, surprised me

his gf has just came back from Manchester,
and she hesitated to meet me, to give me something her bf brought especially for me

i was keep on guessing.
a key chain? maybe a miniature Manchester flag? or maybe it's a great map of York,
that i found myself attracted to that town.

No, turns out:

he watched Coldplay LIVE in Manchester (or London, i forgot)
and he brought me their live CD, Left Right Left Right Left
free LIVE EP as a thank you merch.

that's the perfect surprise for me.
thank you Kadito!

we love it! :)
xoxo, M



i need the world to be quiet

so i can hear my own heart.


those years matters a lot

but don't you think these months means all the world?

i know it'll happen, sooner or later.
you are the one pretending.

now everyone get hurt.

i need some time off.



i just wanna go and vanish.

"too late to fight"

time for me to win.

coloring ears

the colors in my ears lately.

Miike Snow
a trio from Denmark, the genius behind Britney Spears' Toxic
they created a great cool ambiance 
that will make you drown yet warm you at the same time

The Temper Trap
a band from Melb which gain the popularity in UK
they have a great repetition and beat

just a simple word: it drowns me.

Owl City
an insomniac geek who created dreamy tunes

energetic, beat-y, catchy and ambient-y (if there's such word) 

simple, sweet, and they're weird.
i love their single, but thanks to the label,
they gave me their CD!

Imogen Heap
Eclipse is as nice as her other works,
always love her tunes!

all of em are perfect with sunsets.
and love.
xoxo, M


i'm no sidekick nor fairy nor witch

but i got the instinct as sharp as a pencil

sorry if i seemed to be interrogative,
i just feel that something's going wrong. 

i'm all about feelings.
xoxo, M

perfect wall

i feel crafty and pretty creative to do some things

since i don't have a polaroid camera,
i did this:

one of the moment of my life

one of my bestfriends when she came back to town

i love how i see the old man and capture it

one of my bestfriends and we're out to dance

heart-shaped cloud

playing water with the walrus

please meet my new wall decoration:

now i can always take a look at my fave moments 
before going to bed or waking up

it has been in my brain for quite some times.

now i've let em out!

i'm perfectly happy with my room.
xoxo, M


i love polaroid pictures

i wanna have a polaroid camera, please!

i think i can make something good out of this.
we'll see :)

xoxo, M

distracted, finally.

one productive way to be tired and happy in some way is:
re-decorating your own room.

mine has been too messy all these times.
and i -finally- decided to fix it up.


stacks of bags, books, and it's the easiest to be cleaned

my super favorite part of my room
fragrances, make ups, accessories, vision board, shoes
and my brand-new necklaces hooks.
it's the most difficult part to be cleaned thou.

i love my balcony
with it's superb views.

how my room looks from the balcony,
where i sat that morning after i cleaned up the mess.

i'm proud of myself to be able to do the cleaning
xoxo, M

P.S. :
the clean room triggers my creativity.
i can't stop making things.