love advice.

not everyone bumped in to another
knowing that they're actually into each other.

along the way, you both will still remain 'friends', 
that's called 'process'.

line i took from my plurk page,
that you can click here.

a love advice to a friend :)




somewhere i call home.

where i can wake up slow in the afternoon
smelling the blanket
smelling what's cooking in the kitchen

with you there by my side.

remembering a line from Jack Johnson's Banana Pancake:
we could close the curtains
pretend like there's no world outside.





"if you are a dreamer come in 

if you are a dreamer. a wisher. a liar 
a hoper. a pray-er. a magic-bean-buyer 

If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire
for we have some flax golden tales to spin
Come in!
Come in!" 

well put.
for all human being who owns stories of their lives.

*a quote from my favorite author.



you are loved.

to remember,
you are loved.

weary and doubt will always come.
but remember, you are loved.

spontaneously take ur cam.
and shoot.

show some love-glow.



afraid to say something that's gonna be out of line.

that's just hard.




sad news.
time goes by too fast.


we know you saw the light.
it's your happy place.

someday.we'll meet again.

*she is my bestfriend's mother,who passed away recently.



but you never even see me.

So I look in your direction
But you pay me no attention, do you?

I know you don't listen to me
'Cause you say you see straight through me, don't you?

So you know how much I need you
But you never even see me, do you?

And is this my final chance of getting you?

Don't you shiver?
I'll always be waiting for you

[shiver] Coldplay.
someday, we will understand.




i stand up to make life fair.

at least for me.


can i doubt?

oh. this is so confusing.

can i doubt?
not you. our decision.




why do you always look troubled?
why do you want to look troubled?
you want to look troubled.

as if, there's no happiness
even when you're with me.




magic on your fingers.

how can i not love rings?

those magic.on your fingers.

xoxo, M


i wanna meet you when you're miserable.
folk songs in the back.
rain drops slowly.
i'll blur your vision
i'll mystify your view.

i'll put up some magic.

called: h o p e

if i meet you when you're miserable.

xoxo, M


i miss being in the family.
packed dining table.
laugh. conversation. passing plates.

thank you, Suwandrei family.
i heart you guys a lot.

xoxo, M


we have a deal.
an ultimate promise.

a promise to always be true.

xoxo, M


perfect places.

there are
perfect places to cuddle

fluffy bed.colors.pictures.



xoxo, M

she wants to know.

there's no better explanation:

totally right.
i wanna know that he loves me.

not the love itself
but the knowledge that love, is there.

guys, it'll be better if you learn this.


xoxo, M


the insecurities still strike in.

the 'what if's never go.

are you sure?
am i sure?
is this right?
are we doing the right thing?


i know i'd get like this again.


i'm a sky gazer

i'm a cloud gazer

i'm a star gazer

mornings . afternoons . bright . rainy . day . nite .
i gaze . i shoot . i feel .
i feel good about it.


xoxo, M

i (we) just want to be.

i (we) just want a normal story.
i (we) just want to go picnic

i (we) just want to go to the movie

i (we) just want to eat some junk-food

i (we) just want to go home before midnite

i (we) just want to see the sundown
i (we) just want to be lamely boring couple.
that simple.

simplicity come to me.

xoxo, M


take your hand.

love is a roller coaster ride.

so, reach out, everytime.

i'll take your hand.

a little less worries everyday is good.

xoxo, M

what i want to say.

for whoever i've done my wrongs to :
'the stars were crossed' and 'sincere'

and also,
for whoever they've done their goods to me:
'bringing joy', 'being you', 'tolerating me', 'caring'
and 'bummed'

all images were taken from here

i'm not good with words.
and telling it straight to their faces.

xoxo, M

dear friend(s).

dear friend(s).
when you feel tired of trying.
or tired of justifying,
take a moment.
to remember what's your aim at the first time.
and remember this.

and look up. stare. and breathe.

good luck.

a post, dedicated especially for nisaa69.

xoxo, M