when UNESCO’s decided to add Batik Indonesia as Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

(it happened October 2nd)

programmer team!

so my office decided to buzz it up by settling some programs and ya da ya da
and course, we wore BATIK.

(almost) full team!

Batik is wearable, any-condition for us, women.
but poor guys, they didn't have much choice.
so they all look like they're going to work after attending a wedding
or something like that

and i wore a batik mini dress i got from Bali
since its way too short to be wear to the office
i add the leggings and a plain black tee.

and we changed or profile pic everywhere with our batik clothing.

i'm so proud of Batik Indonesia
xoxo, M



love clouds,

heartshaped cloud from my balcony

heartshaped sky surrounded by cloud,
grogol, Jkt, ID.

heartshaped cloud from somewhere i forgot.
bandung or sentul or bogor, or i forgot.

maybe i'm that kind of lovely person
so the sky show me a lot of heartshaped.

but this one,

can you see an old man sitting and watching the sun sets?

:) :) :)

i saw him from my balcony.
all pics are taken by me-self

i heart clouds.
xoxo, M

holiday histeria

see the sea and the sky

clear from the grey-ish sky

yeay! i see turquoise!

oh i'm few moments away from the heaven called:

actually, i was on my holiday in Bali like 3 months ago
but when i got stressed out,
these blue-ish always helped me out.
i adore the sea and the sky.

and since i was going there for my birthday escape
this Echo-beach's sunset was the best birthday gift

xoxo, M



i feel like going out with me was never your 1st choice
i feel like meeting me its just a routine
i feel like there's not enough time for you to find me again

yes i am cranky
but i do feel so alone!



tick tock

the clock ticktocks

i guess it's time to leave

can you give me the right reason to stay?

i'm on my edge like super edge
xoxo, M



i was at one concert last night.
it featured Lenka for the main performance.
i met her the day before
and she was nice and a real charmer.

one of her song almost made me all teary eyed.
it fits me perfectly.

Don't Let Me Fall :
take a little time,
walk a little line,
got the balance right
give a little love,
give me just enough,
so that i can hang on tight.

you're just the one that i've been waiting for
i'll give you all that i have to give and more
But don't let me fall.

*weep weep*

she wore batik dress in press conference and meet and greet.
looked awesome!

hope you read between the line, tiger.
xoxo, M


i thought Katy Perry is just one of the usual sensational singer.

but following her twitter turns out to be a great idea.

she do really a creative, artsy, and a lil bit crazy person

and i heart her manicure!

she calls it: kitty purry nail done.
she was hoping that it will bring her luck.

leopard manicure.
she twitted this to Perez Hilton -the gossip blogger- and Lady GaGa
who was with Perez getting their nail done at Japan.

cool hippie flowers manicure
she got this for NYC show

friggin cool nails artwork, ey?

she did this on her breakfast.

i heart Katy Perry.
and i'm gonna get my printed-nail-done

xoxo, M


sometime i just

i am (just) a girl
which makes me:

being a bit sensitive
being selfish
wanna get kind attention

and it's just for SOMETIME
which i rarely did coz i always try to make it up everytime you feel messy
which i rarely did coz i always try to hold back my feeling and put yours first

can you just deal with it?
can you, for the sake of just SOMETIME, give me attention i need like i gave mine to you?
can you, with all the love you said, not yapping and barking at me?

you don't wanna hear

i lost my words on you.
i suffocate.

(no) xoxo (this time), M