You had something crazy
But now it's gone empty
Like a jar full of fireflies
and it broke

All the fireflies gone.



have you ever feel you needed more love?
can i ask for more love?


it's not easy.

turns out,
some stories can't be written easily.
it hurts even to think about.



you are.so.close.to lose me.

i think you don't even realize
the moment you're about to lose me

whatever you think, think the opposite.
this is the time.

i'm sorry.
but i'm a human too.



do you really want me?
do you really need me?
don't look any other way.



time flies.

where did the time flies?
it went away and never came back.

it didn't even make an u-turn.




there are times, when i feel so unstable.
brain and heart.

sometimes, i just wanna live in a peaceful state of mind.


new home.the office

a new place we call home.
actually the building is still 75% ready.

but anyhow, our workspace is 'quite' ready.

oh it's just because the dust and the construction working.
so we have to put our mask on.

welcome to our new home,
Prambors' new office,
Jalan Aditiawarman no 71, kebayoran baru, jakarta

laughs and screams moved here.



a nice date.

the idea of a nice date:
dine and unwind

sitting at the dock somewhere and talk

music concert and rocking together

swimming in twilight.

gotta go somewhere and do that.
been too hectic with life.



she walks like.monday

she walks like monday
she talks like a storm
never bother to prompt
she always drop the bomb
and life is there, without a doubt.

she won't wait.
she walks like monday.

dedicated to the one who said that i walk like monday



i.dream about

i dream about:

picking up a flight with the nearest boarding time, anywhere.
no luggage.no plan.no toothbrush.
with you.



it's always lovely to see this couple of best-friends
in the serial.

i used to watch Gossip Girl,
but since i have lesser time to catch up with mini series
i haven't got the chance to see them again.

Blair and Serena will always be an example for a love/hate relationship.
and somehow i remember:
the girl on the left side, is my bestfriend. :)

i'm a 'blair'. you?



have you ever feel so tired?
tired of thinking.
tired of justifying.
tired of trying.


thoughts.of you

the thoughts of you keep me sane


easier.to lie

it's easier to lie.

To be the one, to be the only one
Someone has to give a lot
Something has to give a lot
And who am I to give you what you need
When I'm learning, just learning
Learning how to live and to bear the weight

And push into the sky
It's easier to lie, easier to lie
And honestly, to look you in the eye
It's easier to lie, easier to lie

To fill the space
The space you made for me
I try to be the one you want
I try to be the way you want
And maybe I could be the one you need
If you'd only show me
Show me how to live and to bear the weight

got stuck.under this heavy stone.
i'm unable.to breathe.
i'm unable.to speak.
aqualung.easier to lie.



trying.so hard

for godsake, i'm trying so hard.


i need you.so much closer.

the distance is quite simply much too far for me to row
it seems farther than ever before
oh no.

I need you so much closer.

"i'll be back before you know."


how was.your day.

"hey how was your day"
could be the perfect question to end my day.


dream.never too late.

how does it feel to be a hand-stretch away from your dream?

i envy this dear friend felix,

not because he's lucky, but more like because he pursuit his dreams.
all of his dreams are in his hands and he does really know how to make them alive.
first, he's a damn good blogger and writer and reviewer,
his works are spread around in the world wide web and prints.

he loves to write and fly and write again,
so there he is right now.

he's currently working in an airline, managing the social networking for the airline.
he gets to fly to places, and he can write everywhere, and got paid.
check his work here and his blabs here.

such an inspiration!

who's reaching your dream?
who's living your dream?
who's a hand-stretch away?

dream on.keep it alive.
you can never be too late to dream.




pay a better attention.

or you'll lose my details.


a nice day.

a nice day.

a nice day.

"time is expensive for both of us."



"let it go, if it comes back, it's yours.
if it's not then maybe it was never meant to be yours"

i've let go.
it comes back.
does it mean that it's mine?

what's the definition of "mine",actually?



oh, girl(s), why do you have to be so insecure?

don't you suppose to be thankful of the love that you've had,
once or still?

it's not like you weren't / aren't loved.

am i right?


i met you.in the month of.rain.

i met you in the month of rain,
the wind was cold,
the rain was hard.

i met you in the month of rain,
when we cuddle,
when we warm.

i met you in the month of rain,
when the rain also poured,
in the both of our cheeks.

i met you in the month of rain,
i hope the spring and summer won't fail.