I want this kind of photo shoots

the costumes

the facial expression

the pose

the make up and the facial expression

the set, and another facial expression

the set and accesories
I have a thing for photo shoots
and a thing for Zooey Deschanel.

cotton candies

I love to look up to the sky,
seeing the clouds, and the color of the sky, and also the birds passing by.

this view oftenly accompany me on the way to the office
the sun is striking but always cheered me up.

and... on my way to somewhere else
shady and lovely

but I can get the best views from my balcony!
I love how the sun is setting, the color combination,
and the heart shaped clouds.
blue-pink-purple-gold-and grey can always made me smile

I could imagine the different atmosphere everytime I cross this road
when the sky goes sephia

and... greyish blue.

next time I'll look put for rainbows.

xoxo, M

a little surprise

I've just got a really nice surprise from my best friend.

my office's security gave a tiny package for me.
I was wondering who sent me a package, I didn't order anything from the net.

it's a gift!
a cute one!
it says "There's only one rule: OPEN and FLIP".
so I opened.

AAAA! A cute radio necklace!
with a wish saying that "You rock the radio",
and... there's another?????
so I opened.

My God, double surprise.
It's another necklace, a TV form!
with another cute wish saying "Hope I can see you rock the TV soon"

my lips smiling, my heart warmed, my eyes are teary.

Thank you nice & silly but friggin awesome girl,


xoxo, M