i'm in the ocean with diamond

i was in paradise, with diamond.

day 1
i was alone.
and i got a lesson to learn,
no matter how much i hate of being alone
it is good for your brain sometimes,
that heaven is SO close

strawberrysunset + Explosions In The Sky = my idea of heaven
it goes along with the laughter of the kids and also the sound of crashing waves.

day 2
i was with the cheerful working team.
it was cloudy and the rain poured right when the sun about to set
but yet, 
the place is yet rocky perfect.

gloomysunset + Trespassers William = my idea of thinking
i can wrap the angklung sound with the hard-crashing waves

day 3
i was with walrus having some adventures
no sunset this time,
Bali was packed and jammed and all
but yet,
we manage to get back to our old fave place

suddendeath + live music blaring at Legian = my idea of fun
i spill some silly thoughts

day 4
i flew back
and i kept thinking, 
how is it like, to be God, to see the beauty on the earth from above?

turquoise + blue + sparks + warmth = my idea of pretty things
i can't stop gasping to see the beauty!

i love my escaping days.
another lesson to learn:
something that you hate the most
might be the thing you enjoy the most!

i prove it!

i'll be back soon, paradise!
xoxo, M



if you playing your careless-card,
i guess i'm better stay in town alone.

you invited me,
so don't be careless.

getting answer

if you have a question,
and no one can answer it, try this:

you'll be surprised on the answer you'll get.

my answer was:

Copeland - Chin Up
"Back to where we started,
Losing who we were,
Maybe we should only
Tip a bottle back to keep us filled up"

Coldplay - Careful Where You Stand
"Careful where you stand,
Careful where you lay your head.
It's true we're always looking out for one another."

Binocular - Don't Say Goodbye, Say Goodnight
"Don't say goodbye, say goodnight, so it's not over 
and if you try and answer why, it's just over, it's goodbye"

Mew - She Came Home For Christmas
"Come home, come home
It's not me! It can't be! It's not you!
I can't do what I do if we're through"

Keane - Perfect Symmetry
"as the needle, slips into the run out groove
maybe i'll feel it too
maybe you'll feel it too"

maybe it says:
"Go back to where you started, still, careful where you stand, 
but please don't say goodbye, just say goodnight so it's not over. 
now, come home, maybe you'll feel it too."

i don't really know whether it's good or bad.

what's yours?

i shuffled it on my way home. took 5 songs, and a BIG question.



I don't want you, but I need you, 
I love you and hate you at the very same time.




sorry missy,
but let me warn you upfront

i can be so mean
really really mean.


i won't be sorry.


vapour trail

First you look so strong, then you fade away.
The sun will blind my eyes, I love you anyway.

First you form a smile, I watch you for a while.
You are a vapour trail, in a deep blue sky.

Tremble with a sigh, glitter in your eye.
You seem to come and go, I never seem to know.

And all my time, is yours as much as mine.
We never have enough time to show our love.

you are my vapour trail


now i know what numb feels like,

and lifeless.

lover's loveletter

how can you be so cruel
to be so unsure?

i kept on waiting
i keep on hanging
i keep being there
i keep trying to be more of everything good
every now and then i pulled out every strings inside 
to keep me in my place

turns out it's you
who pull me off my silver lining
who stabbed me, from inside

i can't even think about us anymore
i can't even feel the warmth anymore

later, at the end
it will still be me who have to step out
coz i don't have that years brief history of love

don't you know i'm almost inhuman?

i woke up shaking this morning.
you know i love you too much,
but why do you....


500 coincidences

there's only two kinds of human,

there's a man and a woman.

it's all about coincidence.
nothing more like coincidence.

i agree,
taken from (500) Days Of Summer.
320 days, or 1825 days, it doesn't matter.

i'm about to be summer.


don't wanna wait!

a guy who keeps a lady waiting

i hate to wait for anything.
i feel like i've been waiting all this time.



find me

lately we have been too busy to squeeze time
:' |

all i can do is just leaving bread's crumbs on my path
so you can find me

you have been missed
xoxo, M



i thought my saturdays without bf would be such a bummer

turns out no!
i'm having a super good time last night
with my bestfriends
(and an unexpected bumped-ins)

i would gladly spend another 3 weekends with them again
xoxo, M


traffic F jam

have i ever mention that

yes, i'm living in Jakarta
everyday is the traffic jam day

but today is the special-traffic-jam-day
it's friday, it's raining, it's flooding
and i'm stuck at the office

thank God i have my laptop and colleagues here
cheers guys!
xoxo, M


radio DJ

i am a radio DJ

and i watched The Boat That Rocked
and i amaze

it's a story aboout radio DJs, to be exact, pirate radio DJs.
why they call theirselves  'pirate' radio DJs?
coz they're broadcasting from the sea, and illegally i suppose
(but then i think, back in the 60s, they still don't have the radio wave regulation)
something like that.

angus & simon
the regular DJs

the IT DJs
the count and gavin, the retire DJ that has been hijacked

dr. dave and midnight mark
the two who are driving women nuts

quentin, the boss, and felicity, the lesbian cooker
with the rule: no ladies on board, except lesbians (on weekdays)

marianne, quentin's niece, once slept with dave, she's a fan
and then she's being carl's (the boat's newbie) lover

they live together in a super-boat-titanic-look-like
- not that fancy tho -
all the DJs, operator, owner / program director, and the cookery

as a radio DJ i wanna live like them
they said, as those years passed when they're off the shore,
those were the best days in their lives
when the rules about to be set, which make them breaking laws
they stand together, and keep on broadcasting!

and even when the ship is about to sink!
they keep broadcasting as long as they can!

that's the studio! with all the old type two deck mixers

how i admire the passion for rock and roll

thank you, the Boat That Rocked
you remind me once again about passion
xoxo, M


left right left right left

a dearly friend of mine, surprised me

his gf has just came back from Manchester,
and she hesitated to meet me, to give me something her bf brought especially for me

i was keep on guessing.
a key chain? maybe a miniature Manchester flag? or maybe it's a great map of York,
that i found myself attracted to that town.

No, turns out:

he watched Coldplay LIVE in Manchester (or London, i forgot)
and he brought me their live CD, Left Right Left Right Left
free LIVE EP as a thank you merch.

that's the perfect surprise for me.
thank you Kadito!

we love it! :)
xoxo, M