imogen heap

to talk with someone you're a big fan of is weird!
not just talking thou, it's a half-an-hour conversation.

it's a mixed feeling of
surprised - excited - nervous!

i was conversing with IMOGEN HEAP via phone!

30 mins of a wonderful  interview!

i'm extremely happy!!!



i'm disappointed.
i can't, never ever, however, trust you anymore.

not after the second chance i gave.
i'll try to forgive you.
but i won't try to trust you.



i got the heart-shaped cloud
i catch the rainbows

but i'm just too afraid to define them.

a mess

i knew i'd get like this again.

there's no cleverer word than "sorry"
sorry i leave and made a mess.



i guess my karma is arriving.
i said "you have to know how i feel"
karma gives me a way to understand what he felt.

i said "i can't trust you"
karma gives me a way to feel how hard it is to be trust.

i said too much
karma gives me a way to get that much i wanted.

and it's for the rest of us.
take this as something you have to learn,
before you get in to another stage.


i'm sorry i made mistakes.
can't find a way to be perfect, however.

i'm trying to explain the best i can.


simply beautiful

beautiful view from my point of view

a beautiful golden sunset, office, Feb 2nd.

before the rain starts to pour, one evening, office, Feb 4th.

playful clouds and Mr.BlueSky, one morning, on the way, Feb 12th.

foggy yellow sunset like one from holga camera, one evening, office, Feb 15th

sundown gracefully, and calm, one evening, my balcony, Feb 21st.

hanging grey cloud, one afternoon, office, Feb 25th.

when the sky starts to crack, angel wings showed up, one afternoon, my balcony, Feb 27th.

one peaceful view, a mountain for afar, one evening, office, March 1st.

just in every ordinary days.

"i used to look up and think whether it's clear or rainy,
now i look up, and turns out there's something beautiful"
keep looking up, chamomile.

*all of the pictures were self-taken,
from my handheld.
xoxo, M

chamomile tea

chamomile tea.
an honest conversation over it.

ended with a full stop.

i remember you in every cup of chamomile tea.


missing a little piece

i don't know how to use logic as my base of thinking
i'll try my best.
but i just feel uncomfortable when you're not around.

"i love the way you look at things."
you got me speechless.