a little surprise

I've just got a really nice surprise from my best friend.

my office's security gave a tiny package for me.
I was wondering who sent me a package, I didn't order anything from the net.

it's a gift!
a cute one!
it says "There's only one rule: OPEN and FLIP".
so I opened.

AAAA! A cute radio necklace!
with a wish saying that "You rock the radio",
and... there's another?????
so I opened.

My God, double surprise.
It's another necklace, a TV form!
with another cute wish saying "Hope I can see you rock the TV soon"

my lips smiling, my heart warmed, my eyes are teary.

Thank you nice & silly but friggin awesome girl,


xoxo, M

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  1. awwww *hugs* glad you like ittttt <3<3
    you're welcome my awesome gorgeus puppet :-)


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