distracted, finally.

one productive way to be tired and happy in some way is:
re-decorating your own room.

mine has been too messy all these times.
and i -finally- decided to fix it up.


stacks of bags, books, and it's the easiest to be cleaned

my super favorite part of my room
fragrances, make ups, accessories, vision board, shoes
and my brand-new necklaces hooks.
it's the most difficult part to be cleaned thou.

i love my balcony
with it's superb views.

how my room looks from the balcony,
where i sat that morning after i cleaned up the mess.

i'm proud of myself to be able to do the cleaning
xoxo, M

P.S. :
the clean room triggers my creativity.
i can't stop making things.


  1. hehehehe jadi lebih bercahaya kalo bersih hihihihi :)

  2. indeed. her name is now FABULOUS! :)


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